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Tourists are increasingly choosing cruise ships and short-term rentals to visit Puerto Rico

December 11

Hurricane María was particularly harmful for one of the key economic sectors of Puerto Rico, tourism. After one year and three months, the tourist sector is showing positive signs of growth and encouraging new dynamics. The traditional hotel sector is rapidly moving towards pre-hurricane business levels, the cruise ship industry is booming, and tourists seem to be increasingly relying on short-term rentals to visit Puerto Rico.

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Informe de V2A sobre la banca de RD - Enero a Septiembre 2018

January 10

Los cinco principales bancos múltiples de la República Dominicana (Top 5 consolidado) siguen mostrando una alta rentabilidad al cierre del tercer trimestre del 2018, con un ROE antes de impuestos de 23.6% anualizado, impulsado por una economía en franco crecimiento (i.e. variación interanual del...

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