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Difficult times for the hospital sector in Puerto Rico

June 25

Hospitals play a key role in the provision of health services to Puerto Rico citizens. In recent years they have been operating in a complicated environment where several industry trends have been hurting their profitability. That situation has only been aggravated by Hurricane María. Consolidation, both across the hospital sector but also vertically along the health system may help turn these trends around.

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Informe de V2A sobre la banca de RD - Enero a Marzo 2019

June 23

En el primer trimestre de 2019 la economía dominicana se mantuvo en crecimiento, reflejando un aumento del Índice Mensual de Actividad Económica (IMAE) de 5.7%, una inflación de 2.91% y una depreciación del peso dominicano de 2.95% respecto al mismo período de 2018. Alineado a esto, la...

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