Our Clients

V2A is a trusted advisor to CEO's and top executives in a range of organizations from leading financial institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and government agencies to family owned businesses.

We respect our clients' confidentiality and therefore do not disclose their identities. Nevertheless, our portfolio of clients exhibits the following profiles:


“Recently, we initiated a Project with "Vision To Action" focusing on the transformation of our commercial area. I can wholeheartedly assert that working with the V2A team has been an interesting and professionally valuable experience. In such a short period of time, they have helped us acknowledge our strengths and highlight our weaknesses in order to work on improving these. We have implemented improvements in our execution and we visualize the implementation of a discipline that will propel us to a superior and world class level of performance. When they worked on the diagnostic, we realized that the V2A team has specialized and applicable knowledge in the field and they have helped us view our business from a value-add, exterior perspective. The personnel has demonstrated devotion, commitment, and personal identification with the firm and without a doubt, I would select to work with them again for future projects.” - Administrative Director, major printing company in DR

“We are very pleased with V2A's ability to ask the correct pointed questions from us. They have been extremely valuable in helping us identify our best strategic direction.” - President, distribution company in PR

“Working with V2A was a very effective way to manage considerable change in our organization. They brought a lot of value and they integrated easily with our team. V2A has demonstrated the capability to work at a level of quality similar to the best consulting firms in the world while providing the best value for our investment.” - Vice President, Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Company

“V2A has been an extremely valuable help to our institution, supporting us with their experience and knowledge of the banking industry at both the local and international levels. Additionally, they have facilitated the elaboration of our strategic plan, guiding us through the process and assisting us during this important stage of our institutional lives by establishing priorities and corporate focus with professionalism and high quality deliverables within the allotted deadlines.” - Executive Vice President, universal bank in DR

“We would not hesitate to recommend the Vision to Action team as excellent consultants who are dedicated and passionate about their profession, fully capable of assessing, recommending, and evaluating any banking and financial operations in which they may be involved in the future.” - Chairman and CEO, leading financial institution in PR

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