Our People

We are proud of our team of talented professionals who share a passion for delivering value.

Our core team has extensive experience in a variety of management fields developed through leadership positions with multinational corporations, together with solid educational backgrounds from top universities. We also count on the experience of an extended team of professionals who collaborate with us on a project by project basis, bringing specific know-how in selected areas.

Our team is composed of individuals with a diverse array of cultural backgrounds, professional experiences and educational credentials. Meet some of them and hear what they have to say by reading the profiles below.


  • Manuel Calderón

    Manuel Calderón


    “Since our beginning in 2004, I have seen our dream become a reality: putting together a fantastic team and above all, seeing our clients succeed. It's never been about growing, and yet it continues to happen year after year. I'm a firm believer that it's because we have been passionate about delivering value every time... there's no substitute for that.”

  • Juan Pablo González

    Juan Pablo González


    “Coming from a large multinational consulting firm, I can truly appreciate the sense of ownership and familiarity that a smaller boutique firm provides by working hand in hand with local clients, becoming their trusted advisors, mentors and ultimately friends.”

  • Roberto Jiménez

    Roberto Jiménez


    “It has been very exciting to experience the growth of our firm. We continue to strengthen our leadership role in the key industries we serve by developing value added content, methodologies and analysis. I look forward to continuing expanding our service offerings throughout the Caribbean region.”

  • Graciela Salcedo

    Graciela Salcedo


    “Building relationships has been one of the best aspects of my career as a consultant. I get to work with fabulous teams in the clients we serve, becoming an extension of their organizations. It is rewarding to sense the power of our contributions but at the same time bittersweet to leave those teams once the engagements are fulfilled.”

  • René Yamín

    René Yamín


    “I fell in love with Puerto Rico and decided to stay and pursue my passion: solving difficult problems and helping others achieve superior performance. I was lucky enough to find likeminded partners that would allow me to both contribute from day one and provide me an entrepreneurial environment in which I could thrive.”

  • Xavier Divi

    Xavier Divi

    Engagement Manager

    “At V2A, I have truly polished my analytical skills. Rather than sitting independently in front of a computer crunching numbers, I have been able to experience the real world application of my analyses. It has been truly rewarding to see the impact we have on our clients helping them make fact based strategic decisions to improve their organizations.”

  • Marlene de Varona

    Marlene de Varona


    “What makes V2A special is its unique group of talented people. I truly enjoy the diverse range of talent at V2A where you can always learn something new. In addition, many at V2A have other interests outside of consulting whether they be professional, entrepreneurial or philanthropic. As the meaning of V2A implies, from Vision to Action, these are people that are actively pursuing their dreams or converting their ideas into action.”

  • Valerie Molina

    Valerie Molina


    “V2A has given me the exposure to work in different types of projects, industries and clients. The firm has also provided me with plenty of opportunities for growth and to learn. This, to my surprise, has included continuing to develop my engineering skills by applying them in a different context; consulting. In addition to being a great place for growth, V2A also has a unique culture which is difficult to find in larger companies. The firm has a very collaborative, team oriented and non-hierarchical environment.”

  • Guillermo Guasp

    Guillermo Guasp

    Business Analyst

    “V2A has provided me with the opportunity to apply my academic and professional experience to a mix of clients in diverse sectors, not only the public sector which is where I focused in the past. I also have the opportunity to learn every day as I am continously exposed to different types of businesses and projects.”

  • Adrián Pérez

    Adrián Pérez


    “I was amazed to learn how much impact V2A can have on a variety of industries that move the economy of Puerto Rico. After working for more than 6 years in the manufacturing industry, V2A has given me the opportunity to grow in the areas of consulting, organizational design, and strategy. I’m thrilled to work with such a talented group of individuals at V2A that push each other to exceed client expectations.”

  • Keren E. Acevedo

    Keren E. Acevedo

    Engagement Manager

    ““Working at V2A gives a sense of transcendence. We are passionate about becoming one with our clients, making their needs our own. Our projects let me directly impact and improve our client’s competitiveness, striving to give them the tools they need to excel on their own.””

  • Gabriel Montane

    Gabriel Montane

    Business Analyst

    “Working at V2A right out of college has been a great experience. Each day is full of new challenges and opportunities for growth. V2A has helped me develop my analytical and problem solving skills and has continously exposed me to new challenges that require creative thinking.”

  • Griselle Bigio

    Griselle Bigio

    Engagement Manager

    ““I feel extremely proud to be working with such talented individuals, yet what I cherish the most are the continuous learning opportunities I face every day and working hand in hand with clients to ultimately achieve the project objectives and make a difference in their company.””

  • Carlos Aponte

    Carlos Aponte

    Engagement Manager

    “V2A feeds my entrepreneurial spirit. I haven’t had a single dull moment here, as day in and day out we strive to solve new problems for our clients and face those challenges with optimism and passion. I love the atmosphere and culture at V2A, it really feels like I’m part of a team that is looking to achieve something bigger - our main project is Puerto Rico.”

  • Lorraine Martínez Neris

    Lorraine Martínez Neris


    “I believe that as long I am learning, I am growing. While influencing and empowering our clients towards better decision making, V2A provides in each project an opportunity to learn, to grow as a professional and as a person. This firm has offered me the gift of contributing to my Island surrounded by a competent and dedicated team.”

  • Mariam Rivera

    Mariam Rivera

    Engagement Manager

    “I have finally found a job that matches my passion for helping others. V2A provides endless amount of opportunities to help clients in different industries grow and achieve their objectives. Our projects allow me to directly impact our clients and see the results of implemented improvements. Couple that with the opportunity to solve very challenging problems makes working in V2A a unique opportunity to grow as a professional.”

  • José Pablo Pérez-Gutiérrez

    José Pablo Pérez-Gutiérrez


    ““Having recently returned to my native island of Puerto Rico, I relish the opportunity to not only stay and live here, but also to contribute to the island’s development and the growth of our local industries and economy.””

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