Our Services

Our consulting practice is designed to help our clients achieve their objectives through rigorous strategic and operational planning, organizational development, integration services, applied business analytics, and profound mindset/behavior transformations.

Our service offerings are as follows:


The success of any organization hinges on having a clear understanding of what it should be aiming (and not aiming) its sights on. At V2A we have helped dozens of organizations tackle complex strategic challenges. We assist leaders in formulating their organization's vision and objectives, defining the strategies to achieve them and creating a sense of ownership and momentum to implement them. We emphasize the development of "actionable strategy" and frequently assist leadership teams and boards of directors in building performance management systems to maintain visibility and focus.


It's always about the people... We help make our client organizations more effective by improving alignment between structures and business objectives and enhancing employee engagement. We combine rigorous analysis with practical experience in situations such as improving effectiveness, redefining its structure for growth or cutting costs, or enhancing its governance process.


We help our clients achieve leaner, more streamlined operations, thus reducing costs and enhancing their operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Marketing and Sales

Marketing and Sales represents the front line drivers that companies employ to reach their overall objectives. These functions are critical in driving revenues, attracting and retaining customers. We help our clients gain competitive advantage by unlocking the full potential of their sales and marketing resources.

M&A Support

Transactions are never easy and many don't end up achieving their expected return. At V2A, we help companies succeed in their merger, acquisition or joint venture efforts by supporting them through four key areas; strategy, execution planning, due diligence and integration.

Family Business Support

Family businesses face unique challenges that require specific know-how and a tailored approach. By carefully clarifying the distinct roles of family member, shareholder and manager, we help family businesses implement plans to help them succeed for generations. Through the years we have earned the trust of families by helping them navigate through challenging scenarios.

Applied Business Analytics

We apply business analytics to help our clients develop strategies along the complete customer lifecycle, particularly in the areas of marketing, risk and operations. We leverage these mathematical and statistical predictive modeling tools in many areas of an organization, including:

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