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    Stay updated on the evolution of COVID-19 in PR. See case and test statistics. Also compare Puerto Rico with other countries and US states. Data is updated daily.

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PR Covid-19 Dashboard

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Stay Updated on the Covid-19 Evolution in Puerto Rico

September 18

Our Puerto Rico Covid-19 Dashboard includes up to date information of the evolution of #Covid-19 in Puerto Rico. Also compare Puerto Rico with other countries and US states (page 2). Data is updated daily.

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PR Banking Industry Report Q2 2020

September 17

Reduction in profitability in the first half of 2020 (7.0% Pre-Tax ROE) vs 2018 and 2019 due to lower interest margin and fee income, and higher loan loss provision, mostly driven by the Covid pandemic and its impact on the local and US economies. Despite the magnitude of the pandemic impact, no bank had negative net income, with Popular reaching the highest pre-tax ROA (0.97%), followed by Oriental (0.68%), Santander (0.58%), and FirstBank (0.40%)

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