Recruiting Process

The recruiting process is a two-way dialogue designed so that we can get to know our candidates and they can get to know V2A.

It is a rigorous process designed for us to find the very best candidates for our firm, while ensuring your strengths and capabilities are a good match with our needs. The process includes a combination of problem solving testing and a series of cased based interviews designed to test your analytical skills as well as give us the opportunity to learn about your personal drive and motivation, while giving you a chance to get to know our people and our culture.

Step 1: Ensure your resume/CV is up to date, including all relevant educational background information, work experience and examples of extracurricular activities or community leadership positions.

Step 2: Submit an online application.

Step 3: If your resume catches our interest, you will be called in to our offices to complete a 30-minute, quantitative problem solving test.

Step 4: If your testing scores qualify, you will be invited to a screening interview.

Step 5: If you interview succefully, you will be invited to a series of two to three additional case based interviews with our directors and senior consultants.

Step 6: The interviewing panel will then make a decision regarding extending an offer.

If you are interested in getting to know more about V2A and to be considered as a potential candidate, we hold annual summer and winter recruiting events. These are informal cocktail/get-togethers where we share our firm and our team while getting to know prospective recruits. Contact Us for further information about these events.

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