What we look for

At V2A you will find a diversity of backgrounds and experiences, yet we share a profile that sets us apart.

The V2A consultant profile is based on four components, IQ, EQ and Drive, with Our Values at the heart of our individuals. Each component plays an integral role in our profile as V2A consultants and each contributes towards making us well-rounded professionals.

We typically look for bilingual (Spanish and English) individuals graduated from top notch universities with a bachelor's or master's degree, preferably in the fields of Engineering (Industrial, Mechanical, Systems, IT) and Business Administration (Management, Finance, Accounting). Additionally, V2A will also recruit experienced candidates with demonstrated performance results in business areas and corporations that are relevant to the strategic management consulting work we do. The specific qualifications we look for in our consultants include:

  • Quantitative, Conceptual and Analytical Thinker.
  • Problem Solver - Capacity to apply knowledge and skills to solve complex problems.
  • Able to build and manage relationships effectively.
  • High self-motivation and capacity to be a true leader.
  • Compelled to excel and succeed in every task at hand and setting and achieving challenging goals.
  • Very proficient use of Excel, Access, Powerpoint and Word. Additional statistical, simulation, and Optimization software knowledge is a plus.

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