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M&A Support

M&A Support

Transactions are never easy and many don't end up achieving their expected return. At V2A, we help companies succeed in their merger, acquisition or joint venture efforts by supporting them through four key areas; strategy, execution planning, due diligence and integration.

Areas of Expertise

Acquisition Strategy

For M&A's to be successful a well defined strategy must be in place, and at V2A strategy is at the heart of our practice. We help organizations identify how a transaction can serve to achieve growth or profitability goals and what entities may be appropriate targets.

Due Diligence Support

Working hand in hand with client team members and other advisors, we assist in asking the right questions with a refined due diligence process that leads to a clear understanding of the target's capabilities.

Transition Planning

Time is of the essence in the critical stages from agreement to closing to operation. Whether orchestrating efforts or providing extra bandwidth, we help organizations plan and execute on the thousands of elements that need to happen as a change in ownership takes place. Our experience ensures that details, from tactical to strategic, are accounted for.

Post-merger Integration

Much time and effort is often invested in executing an acquisition, merger or joint venture, yet many transactions fail to live to their expectations because of poor execution. Our assistance in post-merger/acquisition integration, focuses on quickly identifying priorities, developing and enabling broad-based initiatives, and developing visibility and accountability to reach cost, organizational, or market targets. For joint ventures, the focus is on ensuring clarity of purpose and priorities. As an independent agent, we have facilitated many joint efforts where we assist in developing the appropriate structures and framework for success.

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