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Family Business Support

Family Business Support

Family businesses face unique challenges that require specific know-how and a tailored approach. By carefully clarifying the distinct roles of family member, shareholder and manager, we help family businesses implement plans to help them succeed for generations. Through the years we have earned the trust of families by helping them navigate through challenging scenarios.

Areas of Expertise

Long Term Planning/Mission and Vision

Families and their businesses need to have a clear sense of direction. We help our clients in planning for long term success. At the core of each family owned business is their mission and vision for the future, and we facilitate the process of creating these important set of beliefs and goals.

Family Governance/Family Council

Whether related to business issues, family issues, or the thin line in between, we guide our family clients in creating governance structures that define clear expectations and keep track of performance.

Investment/Dividend Strategy and Policy

Aligning expectations and defining clear policies on what to do with financial resources is critical in ensuring family “harmony” and business success. We help families navigate these boundaries and establish clear goals to assist decision making.

Family Legacy/Philanthropy

At the core of many family's value system is a strong belief in sharing their success with others. For many, however, it is not clear how to fulfill their goals in a way that reflects their beliefs, provides continuity and ensures real impact. We help families and their businesses define and implement their legacy objectives.

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