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Applied Business Analytics

Applied Business Analytics

We apply business analytics to help our clients develop strategies along the complete customer lifecycle, particularly in the areas of marketing, risk and operations. We leverage these mathematical and statistical predictive modeling tools in many areas of an organization, including:

Areas of Expertise

Sales Acquisition and Retention

Data mining is a powerful tool that can be used to acquire new clients and increase profits. Rich data mining provides a breadth of possibilities in customer segmentation, that is targeting specific customer segments with the adequate products based on their behaviors. We assist clients in understanding their customer segments and developing strategies to maximize their potential.

Risk Assessment

By using complex subjective and objective client information (individuals as well as companies) we are able to develop risk models that help predict and manage delinquency.

Collections Optimization

Using predictive models based on past behaviors of clients with financial and non financial products, we are able to improve collection operations by customizing cure strategies and prioritizing contacts and calls according to the client’s risk.

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